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USD $250,000 (Convert...)
28 Hectares Land With A Cenote For Sale In Tizimin / Calotmul Yucatan
Calotmul Yucatan

Lot Width:
542 Meters (Convert...)

Lot Length:
713.55 Meters (Convert...)

Lot Area:
386744 Meters (Convert...)

28 Hectares Land For Sale in Tizimin / Calotmul Yucatan with a Cenote

The New Tran Mayan will be near

There are four kilometers of dirt road from the asphalt to the ranch. From the entrance to the buildings about thirty meters.

**** NOTE **** Price is negotiable  

*  Water from the wind generator and water pump.
* There is a shower and a toilet in these buildings.
*  Light from the generator.
*  A 42 foot container for Storage
*  Meadows for pastures about 14 -16 hectares.
*  There are citrus fruits Trees
*  Banana Trees.
*  A developed vegetable garden for planting vegetables.
*  Part of the Land, about 30 acres, is designed for planting corn.
*  High jungle.
*  The perimeter is surrounded by barbed wire.
*  Parking spaces and storage of all kinds of materials have been cleared. 

Calotmul is located just South of the City of Tizimín, Yucatan Mexico.

There is no accurate data on when the town was founded, but during the conquest, it became part of the encomienda system and the first encomendero was Rodrigo Alvarez in 1549 Subsequent encomenderos included Nicolas del Puerto (1665), who was entrusted with 400 indigenous persons; Antonio de la Felguera Castillo (1710), who had charge over 584 natives; and Marco Ayala.[2]

Yucatán declared its independence from the Spanish Crown in 1821, and in 1825 the area was assigned to the Tizimín Municipality. In 1988 it was confirmed as head of its own municipality

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