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Property Management & Rentals

There are a lot of decisions that go with choosing a property manager, whether it’s your first rental property or you’re leaving one management company and hiring a new one. Typically, you don’t live near your property, so it’s critical that you choose a management team you can trust. You want to know that your investment and that your guests are in good hands. Property owners can rest assured that this is taken very seriously. Our success stems from being selective with the properties that are managed, as well as commitment to surpass guest and owner expectations in maintenance and cleanliness.

The Property Manager is a Real Estate Specialist with extensive knowledge to guide our clients through the process of residential property management. She will assign each property an experienced team that oversees all stages of the management process.


How It Works

Initial Consultation
No matter whether you already own real estate in Mérida or just intend to make a purchase, we will provide a detailed consultation for you about all aspects of our property management, rental, prices and our services, and provide you with our recommendations.

Preparation for Rental
Full range of tasks for real estate preparation for rental utility connections, concluding contracts with utility service providers of previous owners, purchase of furniture and appliances etc.

Photo and video shooting, advertising texts, information and publication on the partners' websites, in social networks, sending information to all of Yucatan Beach and City Properties Agent's.

Short-term rental or long term contract, the property manager will take care of all aspects of relationships with the tenant. Once a tenant has been secured a tenant, there will be an initial walk-through to document conditions in the property prior to check in.  This important walk-through assists in accurately assessing any changes in conditions when the tenant checks out.

Cost-Effective Maintenance
Property manager will work to protect your investment and save you money with quick cost effective and timely repairs and upkeep.  The property manager has an extensive network of providers to handle property maintenance and repair work.  In addition, exclusive partnerships with national and local vendors provide the professional level of service to clients and customers that has come to be expected.

Comprehensive Accounting
The goal is to maximize your income and minimize your expenses.  To keep track of your income and expenses a centralized accounting system is used.  This along with itemized statements, keeps all your property management financial information organized in one place. Each month, the property manager will send you an owner’s statement, which details the income and expense activity of your asset. All receipts are attached for ultimate transparency and tracking purposes. 

Utility Charges, Duties, Fees
You can sit back and relax when it comes to monthly expenses as we will be making payments on your behalf for (utility payments, HOA fees, etc).

Pool Service
A qualified pool maintenance specialist is always a good resource to have in a property management company’s cache and will keep your property’s pool or spa in tip-top shape year-round.

Lawn Care
Complete landscape maintenance and garden care service, which includes tasks as diverse shrub reshaping, pruning, feeding, fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming, and anything else which keeps your garden looking at its best!

Regular Inspections
The Property Management office typically conducts move-in, periodic, and move-out inspections. Documentation and photographs from these inspections assist in determining needed maintenance and repairs to maintain your home’s value and avoid costly repairs if left unattended.

Owner Relationship
Your home represents a substantial investment in time and money on your part. It is of the utmost importance that your investment be professionally managed at all times.

Investment Return
Yucatan Beach and City Properties state-of-the-art website, and the professional property manager, aggressive marketing program, and affiliation with multiple online and rental agencies position your property for maximum market exposure, high occupancy and higher market rates. This results in increased exposure with more opportunities for reservations that translate into more money for you!

Property Manager: